Today’s brands must demonstrate their carbon credentials

We can make sure yours do, loud and clear

Why carbon neutral?

Responding to social and legal pressures, a growing number of major companies and organisations require suppliers to demonstrate and quantify their carbon neutral credentials. Some 40% of multinationals are already addressing the carbon emissions of their supply chains, and many more are set to do so in the near future. And tougher government legislation is on the horizon.

Meanwhile, stakeholders and individual consumers are adding their voices to the growing demand for sustainable, carbon-free goods and services.

Your brands must therefore make their sustainability visible, giving your customers all the evidence they need for their purchase and investment decisions.

What are carbon credits?

The European “cap-and-trade” scheme sets an upper limit on the total carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that may lawfully be produced in the region.

Companies and organisations that are members of the scheme receive allowances defining their permitted CO2 emission quotas.

Carbon-reducing and renewable energy projects - including wind, hydro and biomass generation, methane recovery, new low-emission production processes, clean fuel substitution and many others – typically under-utilise their emission allowances and thus earn carbon credits.

Carbon credit producing projects are independently validated by international standards and are normally focused on the generation of clean, renewable energy.

Verified carbon credits can be sold to other businesses or individuals to offset the emissions they generate. By providing carbon credits that help CO2-emitting companies reduce their carbon footprint to zero, the projects acquire the capital they need to expand their own sustainable activities.

It’s a genuine win-win.